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Our services can be grouped into 3 categories:

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Swript Academic Services is the trusted provider of professional academic writing and research writing services

Research Services
  • Research Paper
  • Thesis
  • Project
  • Proposal
  • Analysis
  • Business Plan
Custom Writing Services
  • Proofreading & Editing
  • Press Release
  • Report
  • Speech Writing
  • Creative Writing
Academic Support
  • Essay
  • Tutorial Notes
  • Review
  • Case Study
  • Critique
  • Presentation

Custom Academic Writing

This service involves writing a document from scratch. This document can be an academic paper, essay, thesis paper, proposal, presentation, dissertation, manuscript, manual, journal entry, press release, report, or term paper.

To request this service, send us your instructions, minimum word count (or suitable range of word count, or does the error range of 10% apply), reference style (if applicable), and deadline.

If you want to commission us to work with for the entirety of your course, please choose project in the Order page. Thereafter, provide us details of what course you are taking, course duration, your expectations, and types of papers that you need us to write for you; as well as send over your course roster or timetable. Alternatively, you can send this information to us via email. Additionally, if your school has – or follows – a unique rhetorical tradition that dictates a distinct set of professional tones, then send us the right guidelines. Swript strives to ensure that our clients receive written works that match their rhetorical styles. Remember, using the right tone and reference allows you to easily express your ideas to peers in your profession.

Custom writings service allows you to request us to write any of the following documents from scratch:

  • Term paper
  • Essay
  • Journal entry
  • Thesis and dissertation
  • Informed critique
  • Proposal
  • Presentation
  • Speech
  • Informed Review
  • Manuscript
  • Manual
  • Press release
  • Report
  • Case study
  • Business or marketing plan
  • Creative work such as novella or script

For academic papers, the basics that are included are:

  • Subject-specific terminology.
  • Scholarly tone, unless specified otherwise.
  • Free title page.
  • Consistent usage of a referencing system.
  • References and in-text citations are done for free.
  • Paper written in Times New Roman font, double-spaced, and margins set at 1 inch.

Editing and Proofreading

Do you need your term paper, proposal, presentation, dissertation, essay, manuscript, manual, journal entry, press release, or report to be proofread and edited? Proofreading allows one to remove spelling and grammatical errors, as well as ensures that the paper conforms to the syntax of the professional setting of the author. This ensures that your paper is polished and amenable to be judged by peers and experts based on the merits of its ideas and arguments, rather than be culled for grammar and syntactic errors or wrong spelling of words.

Apart from eliminating grammar and syntactic errors, this service also ensures that the paper maintains a consistent tone and uses the appropriate formatting guidelines for the organization of its contents. This means that academic papers are checked for compliance with the citation and reference guidelines of its reference style.

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