Terms and Conditions

These are the terms and conditions of using the services offered by Swript Academic Services (hereafter contracted as SwriptAS).

Roles of SwriptAS

SwriptAS promises to deliver the following:

  • A professional academic paper that is cited and referenced according to instructions.
  • Plagiarism-free paper.
  • Scholarly tone, unless specified otherwise, is used throughout the paper.
  • Paper written in Times New Roman font, double-spaced, and margins set at 1 inch.
  • Revisions and rewrites when required.
  • Paper submission before the deadline (as long as the deadline is within reasonable limits).

Code of Honor

SwriptAS provides academic assistance and supports upholding of academic integrity. For this reason, SwriptAS does not condone academic dishonesty (including plagiarism and impersonation), nor does it facilitate any form of academic fraud. SwriptAS creates content that has educative value, and its clients are expected to use this content, including the fully referenced and cited papers, for study and learning purposes.

SwriptAS does not copy its work or reference papers published in Swript.com. Likewise, SwriptAS does not submit the work previously done for a client to a new client, even if the new client submits order instructions that are equivalent to the instructions submitted by a previous client. Basically, this means that our papers cannot be marked as plagiarized by TurnItIn or any bespoke plagiarism detection system used by a college to test if students copy the work of each other or previous students.

SwriptAS is NOT RESPONSIBLE for the way the client uses work done for him/her by SwriptAS. If the client uses the work to violate institutional laws and policies, then SwriptAS should NOT be held RESPONSIBLE because it does not control nor influence the agency of any of our clients.


The client is expected to pay for the order in full. Likewise, SwriptAS cannot issue refunds because payments made by the clients are used to pay our in-house team of writers.